Better social media profile = better prospects


If you plan on entering the jobs market you need to build and manage your online profile by being smart and careful, according to recruiting experts Hays in Malaysia. 

Chris Mead, Regional Director of Hays in Malaysia & Singapore, says a positive social media presence is of huge value when it comes to your career success.
“Without a strong online presence, it’s much harder to promote yourself, connect with peers or be an active voice in your industry," says Chris.
"You can miss out on important news, networking opportunities, maybe even your ideal job.
"Maintaining your online profile is a vital part of career management. But it’s not just a powerful tool when you’re looking for a new job. It’s also an essential way to enhance your reputation: crucial when more employers are searching social networks for insights into the candidates they’re considering hiring,” he said.
A 2011 survey by social media monitoring service Reppler of over 300 hiring professionals found that as many as 90 per cent have viewed social network profiles as part of the screening process.
What will they see if they go searching for you? 

Hays’ advice to build a positive online profile 

According to Hays, to build and manage the positive online profile your ambitions deserve, there are two golden rules: be smart and be careful.
Be smart:
  • Use social media as a showcase for your expertise and achievements;
  • Be social and connect with companies, recruiters and industry leaders;
  • Be engaged by joining discussions and industry groups and post links to interesting articles;
  • Add contacts and accomplishments regularly, not just when job hunting;
  • Look the part: choose a recent and professional profile photo;
  • Stay up-to-date by searching online and deleting any old accounts or information.
Be careful:
  • Think about what you share and where. If it’s something you wouldn’t want a new employer to see, don’t post it;
  • Consider creating separate personal and professional accounts;
  • Make sure your online profile and offline CV match;
  • If you can’t always be professional, adjust your security settings so only your private network can see your personal information;
  • Check privacy settings regularly so you know what’s going public in your name;
  • Always keep your current employer’s social media policy in mind.
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