Does size matter? Connect with the right people, not the greatest number, to advance your career


If you are about to enter the jobs market, make sure that your online network adds credibility to your profile rather than damaging your reputation, says recruiting experts Hays.


“If it’s been a couple of years since your last jobs search, you’ll notice that the world of recruitment has changed and you’ll need to refresh your online profile before applying for jobs,” says Christine Wright, Managing Director of Hays in Asia.


“Most people stop at updating their profile and aligning their activities with the personal brand they want to project.  But employers often go further and look at the quality of your connections, particularly if you are applying for a role where a relevant network is important.


“So review your profile objectively and ask yourself what your connections say about you. Make sure they are relevant to your world of work, such as colleagues, industry contacts, professionals you liaise with and recruiters.


“For many employers, the value you can bring to their business is an important consideration in their hiring decision. Your connections can show potential employers that you are associated with people relevant to your field, which can be a powerful endorsement of your reach,” she said.


It is equally important to connect with an expert recruiter, says Hays. “Engage with a recruiter who is an expert in your field and who can put you in touch with the best range of job opportunities to advance your career,” said Christine.


And when you receive an invitation to connect, check that person’s profile. “We’ve all received invitations from people we’ve never heard of asking us to add them to our LinkedIn network. It’s wise to check their profile and if they do not work in a field or industry associated with yours, ask yourself what you could gain from the connection,” she said.


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