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Jun Yang Chin
PHP Prodigy

1. Please tell us a bit about yourself, your current role, and your background  

I am a junior Software Engineer working in a start up company. Prior to my current role, I was a mechanical engineer for two years. My interest in Software development started when I was able to overcome challenges that I faced in my engineering industry.  

2. How do you keep up with the latest trends or developments in your field of expertise? 

I keep up with the latest trends through attending community events and engaging with experienced tech experts. I am fortunate that my current organisation is able to create that culture where I can reach out to other tech experts and share insights. I also keep up with the latest trends within the programming world through X (formally known as Twitter). 

3. How do you balance quality, speed, and innovation in your work when you're faced with time constraints esp with tight deadlines? 
In a situation where I have to compromise either quality and innovation because of tight datelines, I would often time find myself compromising innovation. I believe that innovation is something that can be updated in the next patch and given that I am not as advanced as my peers, I would choose to stay within my comfort zone expertise to minimise errors being made while attempting to balancing out quality and innovation.  

4. How do you think technology advances will impact your job? 
I welcome technology advancements because it inspires me to be more innovative and creative. I mainly code in PHP however because PHP doesn’t advance as quick as JavaScript, I find myself picking up more of JavaScript recently, JavaScript advances very quickly and new versions are constantly being released and shared every month. I would still choose to upskill myself with PHP because it allows me to learn further into other programming languages and framework. For example, PHP  and Go Lang complements each other because it has low manual footprints and it is good for processing heavy tasks.  

5. What inspired you or drove you to pursue to pick up the (Programming Language)  
PHP was my first programming language, it is not by choice but it was the most recommended langugae for new starters and beginners, similar to Python and JavaScript. However, I am still in the process of upskilling myself to learn other programming languages such as Node.js and GoLang before I can master advance languages like .Net and C#.  

6. What is one advice you would give to aspiring Software Engineers of tomorrow.
My advice to aspiring Software Engineers of tomorrow will be to be confident and do not be afraid to ask questions. You should be opened to learn and read codes from other developer as their style of coding could be creative and innovative. Lastly, be open to criticism and be adventurous in looking for creative styles of coding. 

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