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A new internship program is defying the traditional definition of an ‘internship’, by offering university students the training, mentoring and responsibilities of a real job.

Recruiting experts Hays in Malaysia, which offers the enhanced internship program, currently has 35 paid interns working in its offices across Malaysia, Singapore and China. Interns receive on-the-job training and are given the tools to perform the job of a Researcher to a high standard. In most cases they are set key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure their success, and they work side-by-side with an experienced recruiter.

“An internship is an important part of many university degrees, and students should use this opportunity to work in an organisation that gives them the chance to prove and enhance their skills in a real job, with real targets and performance expectations,” says Christine Wright, Managing Director of Hays in Asia.

“At Hays, our interns are given the chance to add real value to the business so that, when they graduate and look for a fulltime job, they have proven on-the-job successes to share with a potential employer.”

Success is also rewarded, with several interns going on to enjoy successful careers at Hays.

One such former intern, now successful Researcher, is Sharminni Puvanalingam, who works in Hays’s Kuala Lumpur office. Sharminni graduated with a Bachelor of Psychological Science, Master of Mediation and Conflict Resolution, and a Graduate Diploma in Human Resource Management from the University of South Australia in 2013. She completed an internship with Hays earlier that year, and was offered a fulltime job. She was promoted to Researcher in February this year, and has now proudly made placements of her own.

Of her experience as an intern, Sharminni says: “Being an intern helped me gain practical experience by applying methods and theories I learnt in class, developing new skills, refining others and gaining confidence in my abilities. I have gained work experience and transferable skills. My internship also allowed me to network with professionals in my field.”

Hasheni Jeyakumaran recently completed her internship with Hays (on Friday 29th August, 2014). She attends Segi University College, and spent three and a half months with Hays in the Kuala Lumpur office. She says: “I enjoyed the environment, colleagues and supervisors at Hays. Everyone was very supportive from the start. That’s why I decided to extend my internship, even when I had completed my college requirements.

“Speaking to candidates was a good experience and it opened my eyes to the working world. I also gained knowledge of the industries I was recruiting for, which you’d never gain through basic classroom education alone. As a fresh graduate, this internship has broadened my knowledge and skills.

“Sourcing candidates was a big challenge, but with the help of consultants I got better. The best feeling is when I managed to find the perfect candidate for a role. The satisfaction you get when the consultant says ‘well done’ is priceless.

“To be honest, this is what an internship should be like. I have really enjoyed my time here.”

Hasheni is studying an American Degree Program and is majoring in psychology and marketing. She will graduate in October 2014.

Internship programs at Hays commence throughout the year, with students working for between two and nine months around their university classes.

“For our interns, their university study is understandably still their first priority, but they are also keen to gain valuable practical work experience,” says Christine.

“We will soon launch our new enhanced internship program. It will offer our interns more on-the-job duties and responsibilities. It also involves more mentoring, with our interns spending a set amount of time each month with a senior manager in our business. We also provide our interns with a comprehensive workbook and train them how to do the job of a recruiter. Specifically we train them in candidate management,” she said.

“We believe it’s important to provide our interns with real work experience and get them working in a real job. They are not here to do administration or paperwork; they are given the job of a Researcher and their performance is reviewed. They contribute to the business.

“As a result, we’ve had a very good conversion rate of interns becoming fulltime Consultants.”

Hays receive up to 50 applications across Asia per month for internships. Potential interns are interviewed, put through an assessment centre, and need to have an interest and understanding of recruitment.

For more information on an internship with Hays, please contact Andrew Nip, Senior Trainer & Internal Recruitment Lead with Hays in Asia, on +86 21 2322 9621 or andrew.nip@hays.cn

In Malaysia, Hays is located in Kuala Lumpur at Suite 4 & 5, Level 23, Menara 3, Petronas, Kuala Lumpur City Centre. Phone +60 3 2786 8600 or email lisa.stanhope@hays.com.my

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For further information please contact Lucy Sharp, Regional Head of Marketing at Hays, on +61 2 8226 9885 or lucy.sharp@hays.com.au


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