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The benefits of skilled migration must be recognised 16 Jul 2017

A clearer distinction is needed between mass unskilled immigration and the free movement of skilled workers to ensure businesses globally have the talent they need in order to succeed, says Hays CEO, Alistair Cox, in his latest LinkedIn Influencer blog.

Will the new business reality become a reality in Malaysia? 26 Jun 2017

Have you thought about how virtual reality could be used in your industry to improve the way you do your job or the service you provide to customers? If not it could be time to start because its wider use in the business world may soon be a reality, says recruiting experts Hays, in the latest edition of the Hays Journal.

The skills needed for the fourth industrial revolution 28 May 2017

It has been widely reported that the fourth industrial revolution could lead to many jobs being replaced by robots or AI, however, in industries and sectors such as digital technology the opposite could be true, according to recruiting experts, Hays.

Prepare for digital disruption 15 May 2017

Digital disruption within business has become more commonplace over the past decade, with new innovative ways of doing business threatening existing models, says recruiting experts Hays, in the latest edition of the Hays Journal.

Is your IT team ready for the robots? 14 May 2017

Technology has made a big impact on our day-to-day lives and will soon have a greater influence on our working lives too. In his latest LinkedIn blog, Hays CIO, Steve Weston, asks as the fourth industrial revolution beckons, how can we expect technology to impact the workplace and what skills are needed?

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