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2024 Hays Asia Salary Guide

Our Hays Asia Salary Guide covering Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, China, Hong Kong SAR, and Japan, compiles salary and survey findings of nearly 9,000 employers and professionals across the region.   
This comprehensive salary report covers 14 industries’ salary benchmarks for Asia and industry recruitment overviews to help you get your talent management or career decisions on the right track. Beyond the latest salary trends, understand employers and employees’ intentions over the past 12 months and for the year ahead.

Malaysia labour market trends at a glance 

  • 86% of employees expect to receive a salary raise 

  • 86% of employers are looking to give a salary raise 

  • 30% of organisations are looking to increase permanent staff hires 

  • 42% of workers are looking to switch organisations or explore alternative careers 

Some highlights to expect from our latest 2024 edition 

  • Learn why a desire to be challenged has surpassed salary expectations as a motivator for employees leaving workplaces in Malaysia. 

  • Understand why employees are tuned in to economic uncertainties and how the right conversation needs to be had to ensure survival today. 

  • See how Artificial Intelligence (AI) has made upskilling critical for organisations looking to update their toolsets to modern workforce needs. 

2023 HASG Find Out More


For Professionals, find out… 


For Employers, find out...

  • Whether you should be seeking greener pastures amid the current economic outlook.
  • The latest industry benchmarks for salary raises and bonus pay-outs to guide your talent strategies.
  • How your salary compares to peers in your role and industry to better position your negotiations
  • Key insights on talent acquisition in a skills-short market.
  • Which skill sets employers value today to stay relevant
  • The most sought-after Employee Value Propositions and benefits to retain and attract top talent

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