Career Advice: Career Planning


The Fourth Industrial Revolution has arrived and rapidly gained ground. Many jobs in Malaysia and globally are being automated via technologies including artificial intelligence (AI), the Internet of Things and cloud computing.

Research suggests about 60% of occupations could see at least a third of their job tasks automated, while the half-life of learned skills is now about five years. This makes constant learning a requirement of ongoing career success.

In this collection of articles we look at how you can continually develop and learn new skills to stay relevant and employable in the Malaysia jobs market in the face of all this rapid change.

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Building your personal brand and online profile

These days, impressing a prospective employer is much more than just what is on your CV. There is also your social media profile to consider – your online, personal brand.

Plan out your career

Planning is a basic, yet key principle used by successful business people. So why not apply the same principles to managing your career?

Future-proof your employability

Read about these attributes that can work in your favour for securing your next role.

Adapt & develop your skills

A big part of planning your career is becoming more aware of your current and future skills.