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Job hunting advice

Thinking about a new job or career change but don’t know where to start? Supporting your job hunt is one of Hays’ areas of expertise and we’re here to guide you on making wiser choices to relieve some of the stress that stems from knowing who to talk to and which questions to ask. 

Finding a job that motivates and excites you should not be rushed or taken lightly, but it requires time and patience to get it right. In our collection of articles we cover everything there is to know about how to get a job in Australia, from performing job searches online, to negotiating your salary, to working with a recruiter to get the best results on your terms. We also explain what to do if you’re unsuccessful in your application so you can remain inspired and on track. 

Brush up on the art of the job search by browsing topics from the experts at Hays.

Career Advice: Job Hunting Articles

How to optimise your CV for the algorithms

Find out how to optimise your resume for job website algorithms

Writing a great CV

Learn about the fundamentals of crafting a winning resume and download our free CV template.

Writing a great cover letter

Discover what it takes to create a highly professional cover letter for a job application and download our cover letter template.

Career Advice: Job Hunting Articles 2

How to stand out from the crowd

Presenting yourself as a viable candidate comes easier with the right guidance and tips.

Working with a recruitment consultant

Let Hays walk you through the steps of working with a recuiter when searching for a job. 

Plan your job search

Focus and develop a winning job search strategy aligned to your longer-term goals