Lessons from China: What the rest of the world can learn from how Manuli Hydraulics resumed business operations amidst the COVID-19 crisis

As countries around the world continue in their battle against COVID-19 at varying stages, in China, the worst appears to have been overcome. Today, most of China’s businesses are gradually resuming operations, providing the world with an invaluable frame of reference as they prepare to return to work. 

In an effort to guide and inform businesses on what they can expect when resuming their operations, Hays, the leading recruiting expert, interviewed Luca Pozzi, General Manager of Manuli Hydraulics in China and Southeast Asia. Titled ‘Lessons from China’, this in-depth interview features a riveting first person account of the crisis in China from a business standpoint, as well as valuable insights and advice from Luca on how businesses can swiftly resume operations. 

In this report you can expect to find:

  • Critical first steps that Manuli took when the crisis first hit
  • A step by step account of how Manuli supported returning staff through the crisis
  • Skills that proved invaluable during times of crisis and roles that remained critical for hiring
  • Recommendations on how to harness the power of people during times of crisis

Speaking on the report, Tom Osborne, Managing Director for Hays in Malaysia commented, “The response of businesses in China has been an important lesson in tenacity, agility and determination in the face of unprecedented challenge. By showcasing an on-the-ground view of the events that unfolded there earlier this year, we hope organisations in Malaysia and around the world can gain valuable clarity, insights and direction, as they rally through this next period of uncertainty. Luca’s insights provide a first hand account of change at the leading edge of events and may act as a guide for business in all parts of the world as they move through the different phases of this crisis.” 

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