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Think of career development as a marathon, not a sprint. It’s a process that you should take at your own pace for the sake of getting where you want to be when you feel you are ready. As an authority on this topic, Hays has pulled together a series of articles to help you find your way in your field of expertise.   

Career progression opportunities can mean many different things to different people. Whilst getting a pay rise is high on the agenda for some, others may have a clear focus on mastering the art of management to climb the corporate ladder or perfecting a certain set of professional skills to better themselves day-to-day. It’s important that you maintain foresight over the goals that matter most to you so you can craft your own professional development plan to achieve ultimate job satisfaction. 

Browse the list of articles below to learn about personal branding, tips for success in the workplace, career planning and looking for career-advancing opportunities. 

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Are you ‘learning agile’?

Agility and the ability to learn fast are key attributes for success and can safeguard your future employability.

How to be a good mentee

In reality, a mentee has the more pivotal role to play. Why? Because they must make themselves ‘mentorable’.

Five tips to help you ace your next performance appraisal

Have your first performance appraisal coming up? Here are five ways to ensure you get the most out of it.

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Using mindfulness to improve how we work together

In a work context mindfulness has the potential to reduce emotional exhaustion and improve job satisfaction. It can also make a positive impact on how we work together.

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